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Don't lose yourself!

So your mum thinks those jeans are lovely but would be a bit 'nicer' if you weren't a bit chubby... Your auntie thinks you should give up the diet lark, you look dreadful when your TOO skinny! You're the 'cuddly' one in the family and sure aren't you grand the way you are! Your friends LOVE that you're always up for junk food after shopping, I mean they love you just the way you are too... bigger than them! Himself likes something to hold onto, loves you regardless but your refusing to turn on the lights, in case he gets a look at what you really look like under that duvet and he'll leave you! 

If you made a list of what everyone thought about you and your body, and tried to keep them all happy, you would look like some kind of frankenstein concoction! I mean, I would love to have brown eyes, no amount of weight is going to make that happen... No one is going to be taller when they get to goal... but trying to make everyone else happy means you won't be! You want to lose weight to get into those jeans, tune out the mothers voice! Your auntie thinks your five, and 5 year olds should not be skinny in her mind... You 'friends' want you to be the one always trying to lose weight, always up for chips and pizza, and you seem happy enough so what's the problem... you make them feel better about them and their bodies! Most of these might not be true or you can understand every single on of them! The only person you need to keep happy is you! If you're happy, every one around you will be happy for you and you'll be a lot more fun to be hang out with!  

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