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Glorious Soups

I'm a big fan of making my own soup, I love the combinations I 'accidentally come up with when I'm clearing out the veggie drawer in the freezer... but sometimes you just get sick of the same old thing and you that old saying 'variety etc...' and you just really fancy something different... if you're not a fan of making soup, here's range worth a try, I spotted them in the fridge section in Dunnes... The tubs are 400g, so you'd get two lunches with a low SP wrap... x

Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup, Sicilian tomato & balsamic soup
per 400g tub - 6SP

Glorious SkinnyLicious Soup, New England Butternut squash
per 400g tub - 6SP

Glorious Super Soup, Brazilian Super Grain
per 400g tub - 7SP

Glorious Super Soup, Mexican Super bean & sweet potato 
per 400g tub - 6SP


  1. i found your website very helpful I was wondering is there any smartpoints for nandos restraunt as you have counted as propoints.

    1. Hi Danielle, It's in the Eat Out guide... and also on the app if you're in the UK x


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