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Pancake day!

We're on the home run for pancake day! *squeals* If you've no time to make them, if you're not handy with a frying pan or just can't be bothered making batter... here's some of the ready made pancakes (most are the American style ones not the crepe ones) you'll spot out and about in the shops... remember these don't include your fav toppings!

GrĂ¡inne's Tea Room, large pancakes
per 62g pancake - 6SP

GrĂ¡inne's Tea Room, Pancakes
per 35g pancake - 3SP

ALDI, Dessert Menu, Sweet Pancakes
per 63g pancake - 7SP

LIDL, Connell Bakery, Buttermilk pancakes 
per 35g pancake - 3SP
2 x  - 6SP

LIDL, Connell Bakery, Buttermilk Mini Pancakes
per 20g mini pancake - 2SP
2 x pancakes - 3SP
3 x pancakes - 5SP
4 x pancakes - 6SP

LIDL, Just Free, Gluten free pancakes  
per 40g pancake - 4SP

Tesco Own brand pancakes 
per 40g pancake - 4SP
2 x 40g pancakes - 8SP
3 x 40g pancakes - 13SP

Tesco, Mini Pancakes
per 16g pancake - 2 SP
2 x 16g pancakes - 3SP
3 x 16g pancakes - 5SP
4 x 16g pancakes - 7SP

Hovis Pancakes 
per 38g pancake - 4SP

Pat The Baker Pancakes
per pancake - 4SP

Sunblest, Pancakes
per pancake - 4SP

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