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Let it go!

You've had a shite day at work... That nightmare you sit opposite had a scone AND a creme egg at tea break whilst you sucked on an apple... The smell of burritos in the office at lunch time nearly killed you and someone came back with a Crunchie for everyone at break time cause it's Friday YAY! 


Then you had row with himself over something that you're not even sure about, but you're pretty sure he was wrong... you're mother is pestering you about the length of you hair (do they not have hairdressers in Dublin?!), you've PMT and you HATE what you're wearing... it's raining and the luas smells like a bottle of LYNX in motion... and the last thing on your mind is that bloody tracker... So you cave... you've got Dominos number on speed dial and feck it you're having everything on that menu and you're just going to be fat forever and that's that! So there! 

So... Do you think you're alone? That you've failed at losing weight because of one bad day? You haven't even failed if you've had one bad week... or month... geez I've blown years! Yes, you had one bad day but we're all human... When you woke up today, you've got a new set of points, a fresh day... Sure you'll be up on the scales, but look at the long term picture... When you look back this time next year and see where you are will you blame that one pizza for derailing you? Weight loss isn't linear... there's ups and downs and many, MANY roundabouts but what's done is done...  You can't change the past, so turn the page on the tracker and give it your best shot today! 


  1. Doll you are truly a real genuine girl telling it like it is...thanks for your posts they inspire xxx

  2. Fantastic website ��������


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