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Sweet sticky chilli chicken!

This has by far been the most popular recipe on the blog ever... so I thought I'd re-do it with the SmartPoints values all worked out (it's hard to get the time to do ALL the recipes but this one is a good 'un!) This recipe that was doing the rounds on FB and I knew I wanted to try it out! It's from Home Cooking Adventure Channel on YouTube ... >>> HERE <<<  

I've tried to make my version a little more SmartPoint friendly... and got 6 ramekin size portions because I like to pick'n'mix when it comes to chinese food... ALL about the sharing... so a ramekin size is perfect to pick from or you could have it as a main with rice! (don't forget to SmartPoint your rice!) AND it is SUPER fast to make and all in one pot! 

Whats in it?

500g of diced chicken - 5SP
50g of Panko Bread Crumbs - 5SP for 50g
  I used these because they are REALLY crunchy when they're baked. Fantastic
  on Prawns too you could also use breadcrumbs, polenta or crushed cornflakes 
  just remember to SmartPoint them.

1 tbsp of oil - 4SP  I used chilli oil to give it a bit of extra kick...
1 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce - 2SP  The recipe says chilli paste but this works fine...
6 tbsp of light soy sauce - 4SP 'Light' as in colour not light as in calories!
4 tbsp Sweet freedom - 9SP  They use honey in the recipe - 1SP per tsp, 4tbsp - 14SP
1 tbsp sesame seeds - 2SP

Spray oil 
2 tbsp of egg white  
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp ginger
120ml of stock/water
4 tbsp of Canderel
60ml of vinegar
4 tbsp of Splenda
Chilli flakes or a chopped chilli
Spring onion

Total ProPoints - 31SP
Total ProPoints per portion - 8SP for 4 mains, 5SP for 6 starters - diet maths eh?


500g of diced chicken... 

weigh out your bread crumb topping... 

put it on a flat plate, season with salt and pepper and a few chilli flakes... 

add 2 tbsp of egg white to a bowl... 

dunk your chicken in the egg white... then the seasoned bread crumbs...

 and put on a baking tray... and spray lightly with oil...  

Bake in a pre heated oven at 180c / Gas 4 / 350F for 30 mins 

In a saucepan place... 

1 tbsp of chilli oil

1 tbsp of sweet chilli sauce

add crushed garlic... 

and the ginger.. 

I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to grating ginger so I always cheat with this... 

Stir it on the hob till it starts to sizzle...

add your water (or stock)... 

... then the sweet freedom or honey

... 60m of vinegar ... 

and 4tbsp of 'sugar'... I used Canderel... 

chuck in a few chilli flakes or even a chopped chilli if you love a bit of heat... 
turn the heat down and let it simmer whilst you... 


Pop the chicken into a bowl ... 

and drizzle your sauce over once it has reduced... 

give it a good stir so every bit of chicken is coated... 

...then dish it up! 

Sprinkle some spring onion and sesame seeds over and try not to hoover it! 

Both the 'main' and the 'starter' portion!

If you're a savoury person like me you will LOVE this! 


  1. Can't wait to try this! <3

  2. Looks GORGEOUS!! Well done you. I'm not usually very brave in the kitchen but the photos make it look idiot-proof so am gonna go for it!!

  3. You're good at this! You're a great webmaster! Thanks for these awesome posts ^ ^

  4. I love chicken!! Especially chilli chicken is one of my favorites!


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