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Kale Crunchies!

For the savoury munchers amongst us (By the way, I'm on your team, they can keep their chocolate!)
Healthy crisps! These are handy enough to make but getting the flavouring right can be a bit hit or miss, also I've found making them it can literally be seconds between 'done' and charcoal! So these little 15g bags of crunchies are only 2SP! BARGAIN! I've tried the Spicy tomato favour and really liked them! Spotted in SuperValu! 


Natashas Kale Crunchies, Lemon & Pepper
per 15g bag - 2SP

Natashas Kale Crunchies, Spicy Tomato
per 15g bag - 2SP


  1. I never knew you could buy these! I've seen tons of recipes floating around pinterest on how to make your own.

    1. Only new out I think but worth a look if you can't cook them (like me!) x


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