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Jan 3, 2017

Super Soupfulls

I spotted these the other day in my local SuperValu on a pop up stand and thought I'd point them to see how Super they really were! I've tried the spicy butternut & red pepper one and it was really nice!

I know you can make it yourself for 0SP but there are so many people who don't have the time or even like making soup, so this could be a good alternative! The pouches are 350g so it's a good size portion, if you had it over 2 days was part of your lunch your lunch it would certainly keep you fuller for longer on these wintery days!

Anyone tried them yet?


Erin, Super Soupfulls, Spicy Butternut & Red Pepper
per 350g pouch - 4SP

Erin, Super Soupfulls, Chicken & Ancient Grains
per 350g pouch - 5SP

Erin, Super Soupfulls, Tomato & Three Bean 
per 350g pouch  - 5SP


  1. Oh these are really good for lunch if you havent got time to make something. Thanks doll your so good with your posts.

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