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Dec 13, 2016


You all know I'm a rugby fan at this stage so the title shouldn't come as a surprise to my Irish followers! 

Today it's another Irish company and their Xmas goodies which I found in my local SuperValu store! A range that's gluten, dairy and wheat free and some are suitable for vegans too! 

Note: To my UK, USA and Aussie followers it's a national rugby song in these parts and these xmas goodies are created in the very spot the song is about! 


The Foods of Athenry Very Fruity Starry Mince Pies
per pie - 11SP

The Foods of Athenry A Very Delicious Christmas Pudding
per 50g serv - 8SP

The Foods of Athenry A Truly Heavenly Christmas Cake
per 50g serv - 8SP
per 600g cake - 96SP

The Foods of Athenry A Truly Joyous Chocolate Biscuit Celebration Cake
per 50g serv - 9SP

The Foods of Athenry A Very Fruity Mincemeat
per 15g tbsp - 2SP
per 320g jar - 48SP

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