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Aug 13, 2016

Brunch club - Farmhill

Brunch Club is back! In my 'I've lost my mojo' phase I wasn't as sociable as I should've been, I'ma bit of a wallower, and you all know how much I love a poached egg so it was time to get back out there! Seriously I think it would be my death row dinner... I know...  So to kick start Brunch Club again we went to Farmhill in Goatstown... this is very close to where I live so I'm very spoilt! It's about 15 mins walk away from Dundrum Town Centre so if you're sick of the food court food, you can park here for free and really have something tasty and special! It's a stroll down to the UCD sport grounds too if you're thinking of walking it off first! A calorie deficit is always a good thing no?

There were three of us dining and it was a typical Irish summers day... wet and miserable...

There was a great choice, from the usual suspects as well as beer battered cod and a burger that I spotted whizzing past our table, which is on my list next time!

It's got a warm and cosy feel to it.. 

with loads of seating and you're not squashed up to your neighbours! 

If there's a gang of you, not a problem.. 

The glass all round the facade means there's a lovely light in the place 
and you can people watch or stare out at the rain from nearly every table!

You know when people are hungover and they just don't want to talk!  

Now, the food... 

Adapting the 'bacon and sausage' to become 'bacon and chicken' wasn't problem at all, 
complete with an egg & chips... Perfect hangover food!

The 'Farmhill breakfast' aka the full Irish looks like so... 
apparently the sausages were 'savage'...
lovely toasted brown bread too! 

and I, of course, went for my 'usual' ... poached eggs with bacon on sourdough...


Did it pass the 'is-it-runny-enough-Skinny-Doll-test'? Absolutely! I mean look at it!

It's a lovely spot in a lovely part of the city and well worth a look! 

You can find out more >>> 

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  1. All the food looks delish.. always enjoy your Brunch / food porn posts :-)