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Jun 14, 2016

Cookie shots...

Cookies!!! Who DOESN'T love a cookie every now and then?! 
I don't have a sweet tooth but there's something nice about dunking a cookie isn't there...

Todays selection of goodies are from 'The Foods of Athenry' from the Lawless Family Bakery
I spotted in my local Tesco in the gluten free section... Anyone tried them? 

If you want to find out more about these products, their website it really good!
>>> HERE <<<

Cookie Shots 'Bite-size Blondie Biscuits' per 4g cookie - 1SP

Cookie Shots 'Bite-size Brownie Biscuits' per 4g cookie - 1SP

Flapjacks 'The Works' per 18g flapjack - 4SP

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  1. Hi thanks for posting these just started back on weight watchers and finding new smartpoints challenging - especially on gluten free diet!!! Any other suggestions for gluten free biccies or snacks to have with a cuppa would be gratefully received!