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We all stumble...

The one thing I'm asked all the time is 'how do you keep going?' ... 
Honestly some days I really don't know... 

My journey has been far from perfect... I haven't seen one person lose weight 'perfectly' yet... We all have hiccups, we all have those days when we'd eat the entire contents of the fridge 'just because'... but the thing is, I've done this before, ok maybe not lost this much weight before, but I've been successful before and I let some silly comment, one weekend on the tiles, one night of feeling down stop the whole process... I've got cocky and thought 'sure why am I paying her a tenner a week when CLEARLY I can do it myself?!?!?!' Yup... I'm a smart arse because CLEARLY I can't!  

This time I've learned, there are bumps in the road... there are good times and bad times when we will all fall spectacularly off the wagon but that's called life... We will all attend birthdays, weddings, funerals and be in moments when we are so happy it hurts and so sad we can't see any light at the end of the tunnel, and food will be a part of all those celebrations, how many cups of tea and biscuits do you get offered at a funeral? It's how we cope, it's how we support each other, nothing like a few tears over a cup of tea... and god knows I love a good cry! I'm banned from watching One Born every minute, 24 hrs in A&E and Supervet! I've been known to cry at the ads! 

But food is a part of life and you know what, it's good to have a good cry with your best pal and share a bun, but giving up on yourself because one day you feel crap isn't fair to YOU... So don't dwell on the bumps in the road, they happen... give yourself time to get over them but GET OVER them... pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remember you're doing this to be a healthier version of you! xxx

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