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Well, what's your excuse today? 

I'm a great one for rolling out the excuses when I don't feel like going for a walk or a swim... I can list all the ones above, throw in my crappy knee, work, insomnia, yes I use that as an excuse, don't judge me! The list is endless! I'm great at talking myself into and out of things, have you seen my handbag stash?!?!  

We live in a country where if it doesn't rain at least once a day, we talk about it for a week... I'd love to say it gets too hot here... and if we're moving fast enough we won't get cold... 

The flip side of using excuses is blame... and blame leads to guilt...  How many times have you said 'I wish I had done my walk today' ... that leads to comfort eating for most of us... Honestly, the hardest part is getting out the front door, yet coming back through it you feel fab... Even if it was just a 10 minute walk... You'll feel so much better... We're not made of sugar... despite the rumours we won't dissolve... If we did I'd be a size 6 and could open an umbrella shop!  

This week, ignore the excuses, don't listen to that lazy voice in your head... Just go for it... You'll feel fabulous afterward, I promise! 

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  1. Nothing hard really, as soon as my scumbag brain starts coming up with various excuses, I immediately start pissing it off by doing whatever it is that it doesn't want me to do. Works every time. Those are generally my best workouts.


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