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De Siam Curry Pastes...

I'm a big curry fan, and these are very handy to have
 if you're not a 'make it from scratch' kinda person...

These sachets of sauce from deSiam are full of flavour, a little goes a long way!
Just be sure to spot the difference in SmartPoints from sauce to sauce!

Spotted in my local Supervalu x

DeSiam Thai Green Curry Paste, per 70g sachet which serves 4 - 3SP 

DeSiam Thai Red Curry Paste, per 70g sachet which serves 4 - 4SP 

DeSiam Thai Yellow Curry Paste, per 70g which serves 4 - 6SP

DeSiam Thai Massaman Curry Paste, per 70g sachet which serves 4 - 11SP 


  1. Do the points change as you make them up?! I got excited, found a curry paste 53cals for 54g of paste. Worked out the paste at 2SP it made loads then noticed at the back 100g made up was higher in cals and pointed it as 12sp for 100g!! Could have cried!! It was tasty foods spicy curry paste x

    1. The powdered ones do. Like the mayfield curry sauce. Same as the supernoodles. Once you add water the volume changes so you have a higher quantity to measure. These ones are already made just add them in (like the blue dragon ones) just stir in and add a splash of water if it gets too thick. Hope this explains it OK x


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