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Oct 21, 2015

Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gels

OK there's not many beauty products on here even though I could open my own branch of Boots with all the skincare and make up I have but here's a new product that I've kinda fallen for... New from Cocoa Brown range are two bronzing gels, a shimmer and a matte version...

Now I'm not a regular 'Tanning Thursday' kinda gal... I'm a 'feck it I've decided to wear the shorter dress and my legs look two bars of white chocolate the Milky bar kid would be proud of!' then blind panic ensues... so for years I've tried many of the tans out there and honestly there is nothing more scary than a women with a tanning gun... now I know that's just me and my body hang ups but I've tried everything, remember the tanning machine in friends.. one Mississippi two Mississippi.. been there smelt like a toasted tuc biscuit for days... and as much as I love the moisturisers that slowly build up in colour, forget it once or twice after your shower and you're back to square one... I want some thing that I can put on easily, it will stay on my legs if its raining, the illusion of stripy 'runny' tights is NOT a good look, and something that in the morning I can wash off and go back to my normal life with my sallow skinned brown arms and blindingly pasty white legs... et voila here it is!

Lots of you reading this are always looking for ways to feel better about your body and a tan definitely helps, a pina colada and a pool boy would make it even better but this is only 6.99! If you're like me and crap at putting the stuff on, I don't just mean on me either, there's a friend who might be reading this who may remember my tan application as being a bit 'heavy'...  lets just say she started out caucasian... but this stuff is fool proof!

I mean seriously... LOOK at the shimmer... 
this is going to be FANTASTIC for wearing with your LBD for Christmas 
and honestly you do sparkle a little bit more when you're wearing it!

and this is the one you want for your pins! It's SO easy to apply and smells lush! 
I'm totally converted! 

You can find the list of stockists >>> HERE  <<<

and keep your eyes peeled over on
>>>  HERE  <<<

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