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Sep 10, 2015

L - #xmascountdown

'L' is for 

LBD... Little Black Dress... Yes it's a goal on everyone horizon right now... the selection boxes are in Tesco... the 'C' word is being thrown about and another few weeks BandAid will be on the radio... so there are 15 weeks to Santa... 1lb a week means 1 stone loss... Anyone fancy losing a stone for Christmas?! At 1lb a week, it's very achievable! It might make that little black number not so snug?! or even better you might need to buy a new one! And if you fancy that... check out my blog post here for the 'Buy My Dress' Campaign currently happening! Fancy Frocks all over the shop, for a good cause! >>> HERE <<< 


Underrated and can be SO delicious! Here's a recipe from one of my fav foodie bloggers! This recipe is so quick and easy and versatile... and perfect of the winter evening ahead of us! Leftover Turkey & Sweet Potato Frittata >>> HERE <<< 

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'L' - LOOK at how far you've come... I'm SO guilty of this... the 'weight loss temper tantrum..' I'm NEVER going to get to goal... WHAT'S the point ANYWAY... I'm SO sick of pointing my food...' but I don't even recognise some of the pics of me from a few years ago... and that's what keeps people going... 


Sean Anderson started out weighing 505 lbs and has lost 275lbs!!! His blog 'The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser' is one that will kick you in the butt if you need it... he is accountable and that's a massive thing in a weight loss journey... He tweets his water intake, puts up every meal and tracks his exercise and it works... you can find his blog >>>

Lemon (great first thing in the morning with hot water!)
Lime (great in gin... ahem!)