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'Happy Weight-watcher-versary...'

... because that's a thing now... so yes.. I'm currently road tripping in the USA on the holiday... or should that be ON VACATION, gotta get the lingo right...  of a lifetime!! SO excited! Follow me over on SnapChat to see what antics I'm up to... there will be a WW meeting or two, and some serious food *drools* but I'm gonna enjoy every bite... Life is too short... and I'll be meeting one of my fav bloggers Dani from 'Weight off my shoulders'... very exciting!

So what is a 'Weight-Watcher-versary' ?! It is 3 years to the day I finally got it... 3 years since something 'clicked'... since I decided enough was enough... and I've been very lucky and privileged to share my journey with all of you! (Oscar speech time ...) but seriously... I've been held accountable by you and by my ramblings on here... and it hasn't been easy... having PCOS adds to the difficulty in losing weight... If I have a euro for every time someone told me to just go on a diet, or try harder when I was giving it my all, I'd be able to stay in the US and live in Sephora! It hasn't been easy.. my body fights against me every single pound but I have chipped away at it... and I haven't thrown in the towel this time.. I've stuck with it... and I'm 8st 10.5lbs lighter that I was this time 3 years ago... I could write all the cliches here ... 'if I can do it anyone can...' etc but this is my journey and I think it's only fitting to show that journey... week by week... ups and downs... PMT and boozy weekends... but I'm still chipping away at it... and that's the biggest difference this time... I haven't given up... and I'm not going to... so when you're up, or you've stayed the same, or you just think you can't keep going...  flick through these... your body will hate you one week and catch up with you the next... but it's only people who stick with it that succeed... so 3 years and counting... this is how it's gone... all those half pounds I have eyerolled at the scales... THEY ALL ADD UP!

I can only thank my two fabulous leaders who are AMAZING and so supportive... I've had many conversations about leaders and how important it is to click with them.. and it's true... and everyone is different... but without them I'd have packed it in again for sure... and even as recently as a few weeks ago when I had my last binge... I had already decided to forget weighing in and leave it till I got back from my holidays (vacation!) but I was so glad I did! I most certainly would have seen that extra week as a pre-holiday party session and lost the plot a little... I always feel supported and I know they gets it.. they've been there and has the t-shirt and honestly they makes the journey so much easier... and the fab gals in my class... it's another great support to have... and all the followers on social media... keeping me on track and kicking my ass when I need it!

It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it, it is still hard, ask any leader, anyone who is a success story... after all the hard work to lose weight, it takes ALL the determination to keep it off and be happy in your own skin... It's a journey... so stick with it... it's only when you give up that you fail... x


  1. Congrats on the achievement! You are such an inspiration to me! Enjoy your holiday!!

  2. Happy Weight-watcher-versary Doll :) You are AMAZING and have worked hard for every lb and deserve all the praise :)
    Have a fab hol/ vacaaay xx

  3. Congratulations, enjoy the road trip..
    Really enjoy reading your blog.

  4. I really needed to hear those positive words right now. Fair play to you girl it just shows if you stick with it the benefits show

  5. I really needed to hear those positive words right now. Fair play to you girl it just shows if you stick with it the benefits show

  6. Happy weight-watcher-versary doll! I'm coming up on 4 years myself but its been a wonderful journey that's seen me lose 4st+ but more importantly get fitter and healthier and happier in myself! I'm not at goal yet but I'll get there. Congrats doll and enjoy your holiday!! x

  7. Well done you are an inspiration and my go to when I need to point something. I was looking at your weight charts and I think you have lost more weight than you think. I found some wrong calculations. Maybe you will get a nice surprise when you look yourself. I hope I am correct. Thank you for all your wonderful posts.

  8. Hello,
    Ive started this diet today weighing in at 11/5 so far so good!! I am so determined to stick to it.
    Goodluck to everyone doing it too.
    Diets & Weight Loss

  9. Tried to find you on Snapchat but couldn't I attend weight watchers I was looking for your blog are you still accepting people


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