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'H' - #xmascountdown

Eight weeks into the Xmas Countdown and we're at 'H' ... 

'H' is for 

HEALTHY... that's what you've got to aim for... the main reason you want to lose weight is to live a long and healthy life... yes you want to get into that frock to piss Auntie Mary off at your cousins wedding but long term its to feel good, have more energy, get more confident.. 

HAPPY... yup... Funny thing is we're never happy with how we look... we're never happy with a weight loss, ONLY a pound... SO much more to go... sigh... groan... give it up people... get your happy faces on and SMILE! 

'H' RECIPE - Honey Chicken Cashews! NOM! 

Try this FABULOUS recipe for Honey Chicken with Cashews by Kristin on Moms Own Words for 8PP! HERE



Two fab bloggers fall into the 'Happy"blogger category... first up is Dannii from 'Hungry Healthy Happy'... Dannii has lost nearly 100lbs and blogs all the good things.. recipes (I dare you not to drool looking at them!)... exercises and all the positive vibes! Check her out >>> HERE <<< 

And of course 'Happy Bubble Gal..' Vicki's blog is one of my favs... she's honest and normal and you can relate to every post she writes... she lives life to the full and it chipping away at the pounds whilst she does it... you'll find here >>> HERE <<<

Herbs - fresh
Hot Pepper Sauce (Tabasco)


  1. I was nodding along in agreement reading your post.. **singing "because I'm happy" in my head)** Did not expect to see my name mentioned! You've just make me very HAPPY :):):)
    Thanks Doll xxxxx


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