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Whether you take the scenic route or the highway,  hitting goal it's the holy grail for most people... everyone has a number in their head or a dress size they want to get into... but the important thing about having a goal is you can change it... and the smart thing to do is to set yourself achievable goals... No one will lose '10 pounds in10 days' the healthy way... and we're all told that the safest and best way to lose weight is 1 - 2 lbs a week... when losing weight clicked with me this time, my leader at the time told me all I had to lose that first week was a pound... just one... I thought she was mental... I thought she needed glasses... surely the biggest woman in the room should be losing half a stone in the first week?!?  But that's achievable... we put huge pressure on ourselves and our bodies by wanting it all gone over night... it doesn't work like that... it didn't go on over night... so it won't come off over night either! and it doesn't have to be a number on the scales... a snug pair of jeans... a dress that's been looking at you from the wardrobe for WAY too long that needs a night out on the tiles... hang it up so you see it every time you walk into the room and make it your goal to get into it by a certain date... with 20 weeks to Xmas Eve could you be in that dress!? Think of how you would feel 20lbs lighter... think of the heads that might turn and do a double take... oh yeah!


'Garlic Skinny Mash' from Skinny Taste is A-MAZ-ING! One of my all time fav food bloggers and my 'GO TO GAL' for recipes... Find the recipe for this delicious mash >>> HERE <<<

Image ©SkinnyTaste


Oh She Glows... if you haven't come across before Angelas' blog then you're in for a treat... a vegan food blogger, her recipes will (nearly) make you forget bacon ever existed are SO good... you'll be licking the screen on your phone and her journey from binge eating to such super healthy lifestyle is hugely inspiring!  Find Angela  >>>  HERE <<<

Another great page to follow is Amy from 'Growing in the right Direction' on Facebook, Amy is a weight watchers leader herself, so she's been there, done that and has the t-shirt! Find her on Facebook HERE and check out her inspiring success story in RSVP magazine >>> HERE <<<


Garlic *drool*


  1. Great post as always! Angela looks fab!

  2. Good post! Even one pound a week until Christmas is still 20 pounds!


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