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Now I'm not a brush-a-holic like the real beauty bloggers... I've been given make up brushes as gifts and a lot of the time I'm looking at them wondering what they're for! I have a few chosen ones, I love my Eco Tools foundation brush and my Flawless foundation and shading brushes are my trusted old friends ... 

I also stick with my fingers, blending professionals after all these years... but I was asked to try the O! WOW brush by Cailyn and it ain't like the others gals... it's ridiculously soft, doesn't leave strikes and works with ALL the creams... BB, powder, liquid foundation... all of em... it's the perfect mix between the standard 'flat' foundation brush and the newer 'round' buffing brushes... The bristles are tightly packed so it feels like velvet when you run your fingers over them... I'm always dubious when products make massive claims but it really gives a flawless finish... I used it with my tinted moisturiser and it blended it perfectly... 

Next up... idefine liquid eyeliner... If your a wingtip gal at the weekends, or just for putting out the bins... this is brilliant... it's small but perfectly formed and so easy to control! You know what I mean! The pigment is dense and jet black... I mean JET black!! I'm all about the slick eyeliner in the summer with a brush of colour... so I'm looking forward to using this lots!

Last up the BB compact... This is the 'not-gonna-spill-in-your-bag-ever!' BB cream... it dispenses the right out with a press of a button... the coverage was good and the finish quite matt so you'll need to add a hint of high lighter to give you a bit of glow... but the compact itself is lovely, great little mirror and the way it dispenses means you're not going to be binning any of it...

LV ESSENTIALS is 100% Irish owned and operated, and growing its product list all the time... check them out online >>> HERE <<<

How much? 
O! Wow Brush €29.99
BB Fluid Compact €29.99
BB Fluid Refill €22.99
Idefine Liner €15.99

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