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'Tropical' Eton mess

So the holiday blues are settling in and with the GLORIOUS weather I had to keep the tropical momentum going... so Eton Mess with a tropical twist... made in minutes and SOOOOOO good! 

Whats in it?

1 Meringue nest - 1PP per person

1 scoop of Vanilla ice cream
    I've used Vanilla & Coconut Dairy Free from Nobo for 2PP 
    but you can use your fav ice cream and if you want to keep the 
    Propoints even lower try the Zero PP banana ice cream
    the original recipe is >>> HERE <<< 

Tinned pineapple in juice (NOT IN SYRUP!)
A squeeeeeze of Coconut Choc Shot
    I've only used a drizzle but if you use more you can PP like this... 
1 tsp, 5g - 0PP
2 tsp 10g - 1PP 
3 tsp 15g - 1PP
4 tsp 20g - 2PP

Total ProPoints for the recipe - 3PP
Total ProPoints per portion - 3PP


Set up your glass of choice, I've gone all hipster with this one... 

If you're not using fresh pineapple, drain your tinned and save the juice for a smoothie!

Pop it into your glass... 

Get your meringues... 

Layer them on top...  see what I mean by easy!

Top off with your ice cream, yoghurt etc... 

And a squeeze of Coconut Choc shot... et voila!

I squeezed my choc shot on top but if you wanna get all fancy pants... 
drizzle it down the sides before you start layering 
and you'll get some in every mouthful! 

A shot of rum wouldn't be a bad idea either! ahem... 

Enjoy! x


  1. OMG that look delish :-) thanks Doll x

  2. The banana 'ice cream' is super! Thank you!!!

  3. This looks so tasty. I will have to make this .


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