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Apr 24, 2013

M is for MOVE MORE!

Yes.. MOVE!

So.. stand up while you read this!!! Go on! Up you pop!!! We live in a world where everywhere we go a seat is available to us! We sit all the time! In the tram/bus, in your car, at the pub, watching TV, on your laptop tweeting, there's even seats in the chemists while you wait for your prescriptions!!! its all too easy to 'take the weight off your feet'! 

If you're starting out and exercise is a distant memory full of bad memories of PE in school, then take it slowly, its not a race … Put on your gear... open the front door.. and walk for 10 mins! Take a mental note of the markers too.. where did you get to after 10 mins? See the next telegraph pole....THAT's your next goal! Pass that marker the next time you walk and set a new one! Then turn around, you have to back walk home! There's your 20 mins of your daily aerobic exercise! 

Before you know it.. you'll be at the next lamppost .. past the postbox and another street further than you were on your first walk.. Build it up everyday.. and add some exercises whilst you do your chores about the house.. putting the kettle on? Stand and do squats until it boils! Get two tins of beans out of the cupboard and bicep curls until the ad break is over in Corrie! 

I know people from various classes who do funny little things but it WORKS for them.. one lady, carries the laundry upstairs one piece at a time.. but every pair of knickers and facecloth is a mini step class! 
Another lady, who's a self confessed soap queen, has the yellow pages (remember them!) and every ad break she stands up and steps up and down on it till Ken Barlow or Alfie appear on screen! Again, it sounds silly to us but its all exercise and it counts!

There's lots of little things you can do to:

Set yourself an alarm for every 30 mins to stand up and walk somewhere… the loo.. the front door and back.. round the block.. downstairs to the accounts department.. 

Predictable but true.. get off the bus a stop early! Park the car at the furthest point of the car park!

Try a pedometer for a few days.. when you see how few steps you take you'll want to up the anti a bit! 

Take your gossiping OUTSIDE.. you can have a good moan stomping around the park just as much as you can sitting in a coffee shop!

Join a club.. kickboxing, walking, hiking there's loads out there looking for new members! GO!

Dust off your golf clubs.. your old tennis racket… get out for a boogie and be the designated driver… get your bike out of the garage and MOVE!! Walk the dog.. no dog.. borrow one! 

And don't make excuses.. if you're stuck in the airport.. take a lap around the terminal. you'll be sitting in a plane soon enough!.. stuck in traffic.. treat yourself to a swim, sauna and steam!
No waiting for lifts.. up the stairs.. 

The most important thing is to do something you enjoy!

Since its all about the 'M's this week!  Here's someone i think is MAGNIFICENT!!! 

Someone I really admire and who, if any of you are here regularly is having a fantastic weight loss journey having lost 75lbs so far! Improving his health, moving all those pounds and is all about the running right now! He's becoming a hotty in the process! Yes its Mr. Q .... Check out his blog!!! 

Check out his fitness blog here! An inspiration! 


  1. Hi Doll. Sorry for the silence, life has been a bit crazy with extra shifts at work and a friend visiting from London too. My weigh in day is Wednesday so are here my results to bring me up to date : wk 1 lost 1lb. Wk 2 gained 0.5lb.
    Wk 3 lost 1lb. Adrienne

    1. No probs! great result.. slow and steady is the way! x