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Water water everywhere...

No secret here that I follow the Weight Watchers ProPoints programme... It's all counting and it works for me and many others .. I don't work for weight watchers nor do I advocate their products... Yes, I have some of their ready meals hiding in the depths of my freezer for 'emergencies' but as most of you know I'm a 'cook it from scratch' kinda gal... To me a meal that's gonna last till 2014 really shouldn't be going into my body... All the additives and 'E' numbers are not good for your system... But hey neither is gin but I'm not giving that up! My body is a temple and all that... Ahem... 

Still weight watchers bring out products and I try them out because some followers ask my opinion and to be honest I like to try them out in case I might just like one of them ... although I did over dose on Ocean Pie... And the latest thing they have brought out are flavoured waters, (I tried out SLIM WATER too) .. Now I love water, some people struggle with it.. not me .. I love boiling water with lemon first thing and if I'm feeling a bit crazy or bored I'll add a dash of sugar free cordial to change things up... Wild huh!? But as long as you keep drinking it, its all good... 

These flavoured waters are ok... They do taste lovely, and the flavours are yummy... But they are pricey, you'd get a large bottle of the clear stuff for the same price ... All are zero ProPoints ... But you're paying for a brand... And the additives just make try entire process redundant in my opinion... anything that contains sucrose is going to mess with your sugar levels... and that's not good when you're just thirsty...  Water helps you lose weight and its great for everything, headaches, your skin, your digestion... Additives don't! ... Here's  < one of my more popular posts on how much you should be drinking for your body weight...  Certainly these drinks are miles better than a can of fizzy pop/diet coke/fanta etc, but if you want to do your body good.. Turn on the tap, chuck in a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon, use a cocktail glass... g'wan be a diva!  

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  1. I have just found your blog after deciding to keep my own thoughts about dieting somewhere and I have to say your an amazing inspiration, thank you so much!

  2. i am def going to try more water this week i promised myself i would ... well down 1.5 lbs this week ...delighted good luck to everyone ....

  3. I defo agree on the water front... i fille a litle bottle at 9am and 2pm and work and I sup away all day, i donlt even notice that i'm drinking it... well not unless its FREEEEEZING and i'm running to the Loo every
    Great Post :)


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