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International man of mystery.. Mr. Bond.. dontchylove'im! I've seen all the bonds and Sean is still my fav.. perhaps its because my mum swooned at him all those years or the fact that the scottish accent drives me wild!!! Hubba Hubba! Even asking for directions makes me weak at the knees!

Apologies tangent.. Next week sees the very first guest blog post on Skinny Doll!!! Much excitement... as its someone who has struggled with weight loss and loves life to the full.. so he has a fantastic attitude to losing weight as well as being successful.. its our very own Mr.Q! Who, even though he's just had his 'big' birthday is still down this week! Now that's dedication.. he's an unbelievably charming and funny guy who constantly lights up my twitter timeline.. when every one else is getting upset and fighting about god know what issues/sport/crisis.. he'll be posting up the latest girls aloud tune with the dance moves.. he's awesome... so stay tuned for it... it'll be fab!

Into every life.. a little 'Q' must fall!!! 

Weigh ins tomorrow.. Christmas is getting close and all those parties/lunches/drinkies are incoming.. behave now and you'll sparkle!!!

Doll x


  1. I wish Ben Whishaw would fall into my life! Have a party tonight and most weekend before Xmas. Back away from the buffet! eek bit worried x

    1. Posting xmas tips and tricks next week... some good ones to keep you away from the nibbles! Enjoy tonight...I'll try keep Mr. Whishaw company for you LOL ;P

  2. Wow... Pressure! :)

    Can't wait...


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