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Pizza is one of the ultimate fast foods – it’s quick, it’s tasty, it’s a whole meal in one. It can be a high ProPoints value option. Use the information below, and check out how choosing a different pizza base can make all the difference and some low ProPoints value options when you’re eating out.

Per Slice

Domino's: Cheese & Tomato, medium crust = 4pp
Domino's: Chicken Feast, thin crust = 5pp
Domino's: Americano, thin crust = 7pp
Domino's: Meateor, regular crust = 7pp

For more nutritional information check out -

Pizza Express: Margherita, sixth of whole pizza = 3pp
Pizza Express: Quattro Formaggi, sixth of whole pizza = 3pp
Pizza Express: Sloppy Giuseppe, sixth of whole pizza = 4pp
Pizza Express: Salsiccia Romana, sixth of whole pizza = 5pp

Pizza Hut: Chicken Supreme, Italian style = 6pp
Pizza Hut: Farmhouse, medium pan = 7pp
Pizza Hut: Hawaiian, medium pan = 7pp
Pizza Hut: BBQ Deluxe, stuffed crust = 10pp

Practise Piling On
Go for colourful toppings of fresh vegetables such as green, red or yellow peppers, broccoli or tomato slices. But be aware that some pizza restaurants sauté their vegetable toppings in oil. Make sure to ask and add any extra ProPoints values for the oil, if necessary, or ask them to cook the vegtables in an alternative way.

Ditch The Crust
The crust-leavers of the world have the right idea. Most regular pizza crusts are made of enriched white flour, so if your local pizzeria offers a wholegrain crust, it's a wiser choice.

If you're going for the home made option, all you need is a flat tortilla wrap... passata sauce and GO FOR IT!! Loads of peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, onion.. plenty of 0pp veg, (tip - fry your onions in a non stick pan to soften them first) ... Want to add some meat - use the wafer think ham for volume if you like ham, chicken sausages grilled and sliced on top are yum, turkey bacon is another good choice. For the cheese lovers - low low cheese and grate it really finely you'll get more cheese for your buck! Laughing cow extra light can be used but you need to spread it on your base BEFORE you add your tomatoes, it gives that cheese flavour without all those extra points.

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  1. Hi Skinny Doll
    Please can you tell me how may pp in a medium 13.5" cheese and tomato thin crust domino's pizza please?
    Thanks :)


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