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and guess who's DOWN! You heard me.. DOWN.. 4lbs.. AMAZING... and I wasn't even hungry!! Its proof again that if you just LISTEN to your body and what it wants.. sigh.. I'm so determined now... I BEAMED getting off that scales today! 4 POUNDS! AND.. AND.. AND.. I got my first silver 7! Half a stone since the week before Christmas! WHY haven't I done this before.. WHY haven't I followed diets? WHY have I always jumped.. NO.. STAGE DIVED.. onto the bandwagon? WHY do I always let the number on the scale dictate my life? This week I ate well.. I ate healthily.. I wasn't hungry, there was lots of variety and I FELT well!!! I felt better than I ever would after binge eating.. that sugar hangover that I've suffered from.. that nauseous feeling when you KNOW you've overdone it.. compared to this... I need to hang onto how this feels cause I'm motivated beyond belief!!! It really is 2011 = KABOOM!
Watch doll go! x


  1. Ok, Ok, you just inspired me to put down the bag of pita chips I was inhaling! Keep at it :)

  2. Great Work, good feeling to lose weight, keep going


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