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December 31 Prompt: Core story. What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.)

My story is a recent one.. one that has only come to life in the last 6 months.. I've been hiding myself away.. eating my problems and letting people walk all over me.. I've let them.. and I've only recently found my voice.. and I love it! I know that 2011 is going to be great.. I can already see it.. I can already feel it.. I can tell that so much positive things are going to happen because I'm determined to not let anyone put me down... Life now comes with a bottle of truth serum.. I tell it like it is.. and you know what's strange.. no one seems to be THAT upset about it.. people are just finding another way to get things done... they are realising that if I say NO.. I mean NO.. not my usual "um.. uh.. OK.. well I don't really have the time but I suppose I can put my life on hold to help you".. even though these same people wouldn't do the same for me.. some are shocked.. "what does she mean no?!?!" ... but with shoulders back, and head held high they can see I really mean it.. Some are realising that there is just no messing about anymore.. I've got weight to lose.. a lot of weight.. I've got to finish our house this year.. I want to go back to college.. I want to feel alive again.. I want to feel happy and content.. I come first.. everyone else will just have to wait! Finally it is all about me, me, me! Happy 2011 ... it's looking good! x


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