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Excuse me ... I'm having a "moment"

December 29 Prompt: Defining moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

image © matthew cabaj

oh dear god.. another moment... am I missing out on all these moments I should be having? Should I be worried? 2010 didn't have a defining moment.. at least nothing life changing.. I suppose taking control of my health is life changing but there was no specific "moment" ... I mean I do have my "moments" and there are those moments in every day life like, being in bed and listening to the rain outside... picking up a towel after a shower and its warm... waking up to see that there's still a couple of hours till the alarm goes off... finding money in your winter coat or a handbag you haven't used for AGES! ... to laugh till it hurts... these are "moments" I have experienced this year and they make me who I am.. there's been awkward moments.. hysterical moments... moments of confusion and bizarre moments.. magic moments.. intimate moments.. tragic moments.. but nothing ground breaking though... nothing that defines my year or defines me.. they just all add up to my year .. and my life.. who I am... I think I should go brainstorm some "defining" moments I should be having in 2011 .. monumental... cathartic.. glorious... humbling... joyful... eek!

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