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Losing weight.. losing friends....

December 16 Prompt
Prompt: Friendship. How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

This year I lost some friends, although I would use that term "friend" loosely... I've had friendships deteriorate... I've been very surprised by one... an outburst which really made me think - what did she really think of me all along??? ... I'm an easygoing person... laid back, go with the flow... I've learned that some people have used that to their advantage ... at my expense... since I've made the mental leap of changing... some think I'm changing for the worse.. I'm becoming self righteous in my new habits because I stick to my healthy options... some are angry because they miss their eating buddy... doesn't matter what they eat because my weight issues make her feel better about HER weight issues! ... one started the journey with me and fell off the wagon.. but didn't WANT me to pull her back on, instead begged me to jump with her! ... some just don't want to see me succeed because they don't want to face their own failures... changing your weight doesn't mean you're changing as a person.. your personality doesn't change... you're just becoming BETTER, a better version of yourself... more healthy, more energetic .. happier.. who wouldn't want that for their "friend"?

Has it changed me? Yes.. I'm putting me first in this weight loss game.. that was a tough lesson to learn... that's the only way i can do it... I'm nourishing the friendships that matter ... people who DO support me... people who will encourage... good friends...

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  1. Skinny Doll,

    Funny, but I've lost "friends" this year too in the process of going through a divorce--the same "friends" who saw how unhappy I was over the years and weren't surprised when I finally decided to leave. Somewhere along the way, they stopped talking to me. If those "friends" don't love and encourage your quest to become more healthy, confident and fabulous--you don't need them. Seek those who make you smile, who take a walk w/ you, who listen to how you feel. Life is too short to spend energy on those who suck it out of you. You're doing great on this journey...keep it up!



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