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We're going PRO ..

so the rumours are true... and we are going pro... the points system is changing, well it has changed pretty much every where on the planet apart from Ireland! Sigh.. bring on Thursday.. 1st weigh in of the year... A number on the scale I'll never see again... I'm not expecting too much... if I stayed the same I'd be happy... I enjoyed Christmas but since the 2/1/11 (my hangover dictated what I ate on New Years Day! Don't judge me I'm Irish!) I've been eating really well and feel really good! I've been keeping my eagle eye on the forums around the world, it seems like people are liking the change... I'm looking forward to the change... only down side is all my current WW cookbooks are kinda out of date now... HOWEVER, after a lot of research I've found these which may be helpful ..

If you have the following cookbooks... Quick & Easy, Just For Me and Pizza & Pasta... check out the following link...

You can also download PDFs here of other cookbooks available in the US and here in Europe -

a really great blog to follow is from down under... a WW leader has done the hard work for some of us! She's got great ideas ...

Thursday will be fun!

So far the new year has made me realise that my oldest friends and I are all growing more alike as we age... I know this is because of circumstance - same background, same age, same style, even the same gazing affection with George Michael before he was GAY... ahhh remember those days ladies.. swoon... but recently I'm starting to embrace new friends who live a totally different lifestyle to me... people out of my comfort zone.... making friends with someone who is totally unlike you can be surprisingly rewarding... its good to get that "feel good" feeling from someone outside the usual social circle... today be a little more open with new people... you'll be surprised what you get out of it...

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