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Tray Bakes from Pataks!

I always get a lot of grief from the purists about making sauces from scratch and processed sachets but the vast majority of us don't have the time or the skill to make really good sauces fro scratch when you've come home from a long day at work... So I'll continue with my little finds and share them with you.... If you're an fan of Indian food (who isn't!) then these might be the job when you really fancy tandoori and don't want it to burn the SmartPoints bank... Pataks is a great brand, quality and these are really good SPs values when you consider adding in your protein and a rake of veggies!   Just set up your tray bake and add the sauce... so handy! I picked up the Spicy Chicken one to try out so I'll keep you posted! Anyone tried the Tandoori?! x


Pataks Oven Bake Tandoori
per 120g sachet - 4SP

Pataks Oven Bake Lemon & Coriander
per 120g sachet - 4SP

Pataks Oven Bake Spicy Chicken 65
per 120g sachet - 5SP

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