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Many Mini Eggs

Just like Christmas, Easter now starts on New Years Day... These lil feckers are all over the place and you'll convince yourself that 'mini' eggs are better that chomping into a big Easter egg... Now I'm not an Easter egg fan, I prefer my eggs dippy with soldiers, and if a choccie egg is your thing then go for it but here's a selection of the minis from my local supermarket this week.... Note each one gives different portion sizes so don't assume all mini eggs are equal, don't come for me about SPs maths either! x

Kinder Mini Eggs 
per 5g mini egg - 1SPs
2 mini eggs - 3SP
3 mini eggs - 4SPs
4 mini eggs - 6SPs
5 mini eggs - 7SPs

M&M eggs
per 45g portion (one third of the bag) - 12SPs

Nestle Orange Smarties Mini Eggs
per 4 mini eggs - 4SPs
8 mini eggs - 7SPs

Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs
5 mini eggs - 4SPs
10 mini eggs - 9SPs

Nestle Milkybar Mini Eggs
per 5 mini eggs - 5SPs
10 mini eggs - 9SPs

Nestle Aero Chocolate Mini Eggs
8 mini eggs - 7SP

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