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Hot Cross Bun

So, the G&T ones have eluded me, I'm convinced my local Tesco has me tracked in the Gin section so they've decided not to stock them for healthy and safety reasons! I know they're in Iceland but I'm not close to one of those so I'll have to make a special trip before they disappear! BUT I spotted this in my local Tesco last week! Limited edition for the Easter season ahead, Hot Cross Bun flavour Muller Lights! Anyone tried it out?

Muller Light Hot Cross Bun flavour yoghurt
per 160g pot - 3SP


  1. Just looking at your list of smart points. Thought unsmoked salmon was zero points, along with wafer thin chicken and Turkey. And what a the story with poached eggs.... Aretha afore mentioned foods not supposed to be free?????

    1. Different plans. Eggs are free on two of the plans not on all of them. Also I've kept up the ProPoints lists for people still following that plan. You will be told whats free on your plan by your leader.


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