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The hardest lift...

I know it's all 'New Year New Me!' this time of year but it's no easier in January to get off the couch  than it is in the middle of the summer even if you do buy fancy new trainers!!! I'm the first to close the front door when there's a sniff of rain in case I dissolve but honestly 5 mins out the door and back makes all the difference... You don't need to be training for a marathon or the olympics, there's no race on... just get some fresh cold winter air in your lungs and have the chats with a pal, listen to a podcast whatever your thing is but get out there... make yourself a little promise today... pop on your runners, open the door and walk for 5 mins, even if you have to leave in a huff with the dog just storm out... for no other reason than to see what the neighbours are up to!! (Mine have a new car! Fancy much?!) then walk back and you're done! Try it every day you won't regret it! 

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