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Flavoured pasta from The Foodie Market!

Spotted these in my local Aldi... I'm all for mixing things up when it comes to pasta... I get a bit bored with the wholegrain stuff sometimes so when I spotted these I thought I'd give them a go... SmartPoints are for 180g serving of cooked pasta on the pack... 180g cooked = 100g uncooked, so I've done the SPs for both... Also half a portion if you're like me and trying to cut the barbs out and bulk up the veggies! Anyone tried them? x

The Foodie Market - Red Lentil & Beetroot Fusilli
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 8SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 4SP

The Foodie Market - Green Pea Penne
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 9SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 4SP

The Foodie Market - Chickpea Fusilli
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 10SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 5SP


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