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Flavoured pasta from The Foodie Market!

Spotted these in my local Aldi... I'm all for mixing things up when it comes to pasta... I get a bit bored with the wholegrain stuff sometimes so when I spotted these I thought I'd give them a go... SmartPoints are for 180g serving of cooked pasta on the pack... 180g cooked = 100g uncooked, so I've done the SPs for both... Also half a portion if you're like me and trying to cut the barbs out and bulk up the veggies! Anyone tried them? x

The Foodie Market - Red Lentil & Beetroot Fusilli
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 8SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 4SP

The Foodie Market - Green Pea Penne
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 9SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 4SP

The Foodie Market - Chickpea Fusilli
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 10SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 5SP


  1. Hi thanks for this write-up, who is actually the foodie market? are they a company? can't seems to find them online. can you help me with their information at all??

    1. Foodie Market is their internal brand but in fact products are sourced from mamy different companies


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