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Slush Puppies!

Ok I know it's still miserable out there but I'm already dreaming of this years summer! And do we all remember Slush Puppies?!?! Yeah we do! ahhh good times! It took me months to get my paws on my fav ice pops with the rush and this year these are the ones to keep your peepers out for! Suitable for veggies, vegans & coeliacs you'll spot these in Tesco, if they're not there, harass the manager until they get them in... I had to do that with the watermelon ones last year (he runs when he sees me coming now but I think he's just flirting with me! LOL ) ... Then, just whack 'em in the freezer for a couple of hours, give em a good squeeze and you're all set to go! If you buy all the sour cherry ones before me I will hunt you down! 

Slush Puppie, Sour Cherry, per 250 pouch - 3SP

Slush Puppie, Strawberry, per 250 pouch - 3SP

Slush Puppie, Blue Raspberry, per 250 pouch - 3SP

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