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Wicked Kitchen from Tesco

This is the new vegan range of ready meals called 'Wicked Kitchen' from Tesco... I took these pics a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd pop up the range for anyone interested in trying them.. I thought they were quite high for portion sizes... anyone else tried them out? 


Wicked Kitchen, Nana's mushroom bolognese
per 374g pack (1 serving) - 13SP

Wicked Kitchen, Gunpowder potato chana masala
390g pack (1 serving) - 16SP

Wicked Kitchen, BBQ mushroom sourdough pizza
273g pack (1 serving) - 16SP

Wicked Kitchen, Veggie pasta & amazeballs
375g pack (1 serving) - 15SP


  1. Oh yes! I've tried as many as I can get my hands on. Let's see - the two pasta meals are both very tasty. The portion is very big once it's out on the plate, so it was more than enough for two people I thought, so I halved it and pointed it at 8 with a salad on the side. The mushroom pizza I thought tasted far more like a chilli foccacia - if you'd asked me I wouldn't have guessed mushroom or bbq for the flavour - it was still tasty but just in a different way! It was nice but expensive in points for what it was if you know what I mean.

    1. oh good to know! I've tried the pizza and it was fine. I've yet to try the pastas though... nice to hear from someone who's tasted them!


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