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My biggest weakness... self belief... I've been working on my self esteem my whole life and some days I just get so tired of it... It's exhausting trying to be positive all the time... For all the times people have said 'you look well...' or 'you're doing great, stick with it' the only person I really believe is me and I'm not so nice to me sometimes. 

It's an Irish thing, we're always putting ourselves down... It's been bred into us that if we think we're great then we have 'notions' but if you're constantly putting yourself down, you make the people you love unhappy... they love you for you... they want to see you smile... they want you to be full of beans and run into the sea on holidays in your swimming cozzie... but if you don't believe that they love you just for being you, then that all starts with how we speak to ourselves... So give yourself a compliment.. go on.. I'll wait... go on... say it... you've gorgeous eyes... you're so kind... you make people smile every day... you make the best lasagne in Ireland... whatever it is that makes you fabulous, you've got to believe it too... because if you put yourself down all the time, the people you love will stop trying to make you believe what's really true, that you are amazing! So this week, promise yourself you'll be kind to the reflection in the mirror... that woman looking back at you is doing pretty good.... x

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