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Got a dirty past?

So you had a fabliss weekend.. you ate everything that wasn't stationary, you drank Mr. Hendricks dry (and you think Mr. Gordons too!) and the hangover fry up was the best plate of food every produced in history! Delighted for you! I hope the untagging of dodgy pics on Facebook doesn't take all morning! But so what... you had fun, you celebrated, commiserated, laughed and cried and made a few memories along the way... there's two ways of looking at this... you can stage dive off the wagon in spectacular fashion and plough head first into a Supermacs garlic & cheese fries and not darken the door of your class till September when you'll be right back where you started back in January weeping that the plan 'just doesn't work...' OR you can make a cup of tea, get out your meal planner, write a shopping light and get right back on track... there's no point in crying over what's happened... Did you put on a stone on holidays so what! Did you have a ball? Great, but don't let that stop your journey... Get back in the saddle and do it for you x


  1. See? This is the kind of motivation I need for my Monday! Thanks doll! x

  2. Absolutelt love this tbia was mw
    Yesterday .love your tips !!


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