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Tricky treats...

Just some goodies I've spotted over the last few weeks on my travels that you might be tempted to pick up! I'm treating myself to a very large G&T and filling the neighbours kids with liquorice... I hate the stuff so I can have it here in the house and I am not even tempted to touch the stuff! ewwwww!

Mr. Kipling Fiendish Fancies
per fancie - 5SP

Mr. Kiling Toffee Terror Whirls
per whirl - 6SP

Mr Kipling Choclate & Slime Slices
per slice - 5SP

Cadbury Pumpkin patch cakes
per cake - 7SP

Cadbury SCREME egg biscuits
per biccie - 4SP

McVities Sticky Toffee flavour cake - 
per 26.2g slice - 4SP

McVities Sticky Toffee Apple flavour cake - 
per 26.2g slice - 4SP

McVities Jaffa Cakes Fang-tastic orange cake bars
per bar - 5SP

McVities Jaffa Cakes Batty Blackcurrant cake bars
per bar - 5SP

Monster Munch WEBS, Bacon flavour corn snack
per 14.9g pack - 2SP

Walkers Baked Wotsits ZOMBIE fingers, flamin' hot flavour
per 16.5g pack - 3SP

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  1. Great selection of goodies. I'll pick up some of these for the trick or treater's ����


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