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Trick or Treat - Lidl

A few Halloween posts coming ahead of the 'treat-fest!' 
These are out in Lidl this week... 


Halloween Marshmallows per 275g bag - 52SP

Halloween Marshmallows (chocolate covered ones) 16 per box
per 225g box - 46SP
per 14g mallow - 3SP

Halloween Biscuits with milk chocolate per 150g bag - 29SP

Halloween milk chocolate balls 
per 100g (half bag) - 28SP
per 200g full bag - 57SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - skull - 65g - 19SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - bat - 45g - 12SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - pumpkin - 65g - 19SP

Halloween Tricolour pasta per 40g - 4SP

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  1. Thanks for that so handy to know! I think I'll be sticking with apples and mandarins :)


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