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Magic & Sparkle and YUMMINESS from M&S!

All things 'Magic & Sparkle' and DELICIOUS from M&S! 

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M&S All Butter Mince Pies, per 58g pie - 6PP

M&S Classic Christmas Pudding, 100g - 8PP
M&S Classic Christmas Pudding, 454g - 37PP
M&S Classic Christmas Pudding, 907g - 75PP

M&S Top Iced Christmas Cake, per 75g (1/4 pack) - 7PP

M&S Mini Butter Mince Pies, per 19g pie - 2PP

M&S All Butter Puff Pastry Mince Pies, per 45g pie - 5PP

M&S 'The Collection' Christmas Star Pies, per 53g pie - 6PP

M&S 'The Collection' Hand crafter Mince Pies, per 45g pie - 5PP

M&S Butter Rick Iced Top Mince Pies, per 52g pie - 6PP

M&S Mini Christmas Carrot Cupcakes, per 31g cupcake - 4PP

M&S 'The Collection' Gluten Free Christmas Pudding, per 144g (1/4 pack) - 9PP

M&S Gluten Free Christmas Pudding, per 100g mini pudding - 8PP

M&S Iced Fruit Slice, per 44g slice - 4PP

M&S Yule Log, per 50g serving (1/12th pack) - 6PP

M&S Classic Rich Fruit Cake, per 50g slice - 5PP

M&S All Butter Gluten Free Top Iced Christmas Cake, per 75g slice (1/8 pack) - 7PP

M&S 'The Collection' Stollen Slices, per 42g slice - 4PP

M&S 'The Collection' Christmas Pudding, per 100g mini pud - 8PP

M&S 'The Collection' Salted Caramel Christmas Pudding, per 114g (1/4 pack) - 10PP

M&S 'The Collection' Vintage Fruit Cake, per 92g (1/4 pack) - 8PP 

M&S 'The Collection' Hand Jewelled Fruit Cake, per 70g (1/12 pack) - 7PP

M&S 'The Collection' Stollen Cake, per 84g (1/8 pack) - 8PP

M&S 'The Collection' Chocolate lollies, per 40g lolly - 6PP

M&S Shimmering Snowy Road bites, per 16g square - 2PP

M&S White Chocolate, Orange & Cranberry Charms, per 14g cake - 2PP

M&S Glitter Brownie Bites, per 14g square - 2PP

M&S Christmas Tree Pizzas, per tree - 2PP

M&S Magic and Sparkle Macaroons per 12g macaroon - 1PP
for 12 macaroons - 18PP

M&S Churros with chocolate sauce per 13g churro - 1PP

M&S Salted Caramel Brownie Bites, per 17g bite - 2PP

M&S Bitter Chocolate & Hazelnut Acorns, per 12g acorn - 2PP

M&S Posh Profiteroles, per 65g (3 profiteroles) - 7PP

M&S Blackcurrant & Tahitian Vanilla Jelly per143g (1/4 pack) - 2PP 

M&S Goats cheese, fig & hazelnut bites per 100g - 16PP
Full 110g pack - 17PP

M&S Chocolate Puddings per 14g mini pud - 2PP

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