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'Tis the season at ALDI!

This week it's all the Christmas goodies in ALDI... 

If you missed the last few Christmas goody posts 
you'll find them HERE, HERE and HERE

Holly Lane Deep Fill Mince Pies per 65g pie - 7PP

Everyday Essentials Mince Pies per 37g pie - 4PP

Specially Selected All Butter Mince Pies per 63g pie - 7PP

Specially Selected All Butter Mini Mince Pies per 28g pie - 3PP

Specially Selected Luxury Mince Pies per 58g pie - 7PP

Specially Selected Warming Winter Spiced Fruit Chutney

Specially Selected Salted Caramel Sponge Puddings per 115g put - 13PP
They look so harmless! 

Holly Lane Top Iced Christmas Cake per 76g slice - 7PP
Total 907g cake - 88PP

Specially Selected iIrish Christmas Pudding per 113g portion - 11PP
Total 907g pudding - 89PP

Specially Selected Christmas Puddings per 100g mini pudding - 8PP

Specially Selected All Butter Top iced Fruit Cake Bar per 66g slice - 7PP
Total 400g cake - 39PP

Specially Selected All Butter Luxury iced Fruit Cake per 63g slice - 6PP

Holly Lane Top Iced Fruit Cake Bar per 100g - 10PP
Total 400g cake - 39PP

All Butter Fruit Cake per 75g slice - 7PP

Byrnes Bakery Oxford Lunch Cake per 80g slice - 8PP

Byrnes Bakery Maderia Cake per 35g slice - 3PP

Byrnes Bakery Fruit Cake per 80g slice - 8PP

Granny Macs' Traditional Mince Pies per 55g pie - 6PP

Specially Selected Mini Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tarts per 23g tart - 3PP

Specially Selected Mini Spiced Plum & Rum Tarts per 23g tart - 2PP

Specially Selected All Butter Almond Mince Tarts per 48g tart - 5PP

Specially Selected Stollen Bites per 23g slice - 3PP

Specially Selected Assorted Florentines per 3 florentines, 29g - 4PP
Anyone else scared of these since the Bake off!?!

Holly Lane Stollen Bites per 27g bite - 3PP

Holly Lane Marzipan Stollen per 75g lice - 8PP

Salted Carmel Truffles per 12g truffle - 2PP

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