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'N' - #xmascountdown

'N' is for NO... 

Go on, say it out loud.... NO... and again.... Honestly, say it out loud... get used to hearing your voice saying it! 'No thank you' ...  'No thanks'... Just plain old NO... you don't need to explain yourself... don't start raving "No i can't because...' we're all adults... Don't lie... Don't make excuses... Don't over explain... Just simply say no... You can, you're allowed to! When you say yes to everyone all the time, you're saying NO to yourself and your needs... How many of us have reluctantly said 'Yes...' to keep someone else happy... eaten food we didn't even like, let alone needed because we might offend someone if we didn't have a slice of Auntie Marys' apple tart... I mean seriously how ridiculous is that!?!  It's OK to just say no... and mean it! How many hours have you wasted doing something you never intended to do but felt you'd be letting someone down if you didn't? Only to realise that not only are they getting on with their life but the one person you've let down is yourself! Do it once... and honestly you'll be surprised how people just get on with things and find another solution to THEIR problem and you can focus on YOU! So practice... 'No' is a complete sentence.. you don't need to explain or justify it! If something makes you miserable or drains your energy don't do it! Don't apologise for saying 'no' either... it's a very Irish thing to start with 'I'm so sorry but I can't do XYZ for you but I could try to do it over the weekend or maybe next week...' on and on it goes... lose the guilt... the job will get done... the world will keep on turning... you are your number one priority... so put yourself first! 


Nut roast!!  This is a fantastic recipe from WWUK! Perfect for this time of year! Only 6PP per portion!


One of my favourite weight loss blogs is 'No thanks to cake!' (SEE JUST SAY NO!)  >>> HERE <<< Kelly is an inspiration... following her on her journey has inspired me so many times and her recipes are simple, healthy and SO delicious... Check her out! 


13 weeks left to Xmas! How fast has that happened?!!
Set a goal with yourself today that you'll lose 'x' lbs 
by the time the man with the red suit gets here! 

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