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Boston Strong...

There are very few people left on the planet who DON'T know I was on a road trip across America for my holidays... or rather VACAY... it was AWESOME (see I got the lingo!) driving from Dallas to Boston with family and friends along the route and it was a trip of a lifetime!

AND get this... I lost weight! I know... but it wasn't that hard... it was 107F in Dallas and honestly drinking water was a game changer... a tip I need to take heed of myself! I've even noticed how little I've been drinking since I've been home...

However... one of the high lights for me was meeting Dani... a fellow blogger and amazing Weight Watchers leader who has one of her meetings in downtown Boston on a Thursday morning... guess who went to class?!?! Yup! ME!

Now, I've been chatting to Dani for years now... on all the social medias... and she is SO motivational... and just an all round fun positive person to be around... god knows social media is full of people waiting to pick your faults and bring you down but not her... She regularly hosts the #wwchat on Twitter, she shares the ups and the downs of her own personal journey, and that's what makes her an amazing blogger... Her honesty and her charisma... and her members that morning told me so!

So what was the meeting like? how did it compare to meetings on this side of the pond? Honestly it wasn't that much different in the format... but here's the breakdown...

7:00AM - The Weight Watchers centre opens (YES IN THE MORNING!)

7:30AM Meet one of my blogging heros! YES she's wearing a cape! LEGEND!

She's wearing a cape because todays topic is 'What is your Superpower?!'
and working with your strengths...

The centres are set up on a permanent site, so leaders can come in, do their meeting and everything is already there, but they also go out to meetings on site, like to companies and bring all the kit with them like our leaders here...

There are shelves with all the stock for you to purchase from snacks (they have more savoury stuff than we do... probably a good thing we don't have them here... ) as well as scales, cookbooks and water bottles just to name a few.. 

Two things I really loved was the Success stories wall, which were in both the meetings I went to, I went to one in Long Island too... but it was so nice to see people who have come so far and they're celebrated and the little things that made a big difference to their journey... 

AND... the amount of weight lost in the centre so far and people who have got to goal!

There's lots of motivational quotes on the walls to get you in the mood!

So the meeting itself... we all had a name badge... which really helped the new people (and me!) ... and the members were fantastic... everyone talked about their week, both good and bad, one member, Karen, is jogging with a young member of her family and she never thought that would happen, and Robin, who had joined the previous week was down 8lbs!!!

A little recap on the previous weeks topic ...  'a slip, not a slide' and a 'who had a good week?!' just like here... And the leader confessed to her slip up, how she addressed it and that she too had lost the 'holiday' weight she found!

Dani had a white board and was writing down the tips from people as the meeting went on...  

As you weighed in you were given the Weight Watchers Weekly booklet which is an 8 page pamphlet with a recipe, some motivational quotes and coupons for products and also a spread about the weeks theme...

So we were asked to circle three of our strengths from the list below... 
not easy when you think you don't have any...
but once people started sharing their strengths and Dani interpreted those, it all kinda made sense... 

and then a challenge was set... What do you want to accomplish by 'labor day'? and everyone set realistic goals... all achievable... and all in print!!!  She photographs the board for that particular meetings FB page... so there's no escaping what you said! 

Now to the goodies... I purchased a few of these and will be reviewing them over the next few weeks and there are some I'm DYING to try out! So I may need to fly cargo next year! But here's a few that are on offer... 

At the end of the class there was a 'raffle' where someone gets a goodie... and one of the ladies in the class put me forward as the winner because I was visiting! YAY! So I picked out the 'Love It, Cook It, Eat it!' book and will be doing recipes from it on here! So stay tuned! There may even be a giveaway!

So, was it that different? Yes a little... but you know what, it was the camaraderie of the class and the energy of the leader, just like classes here, that made it fun and made you stick it out another week...  I mean anyone who can get you laughing and motivated at 7am is doing something right! I've always said that honesty is the best policy when blogging and as a leader I think it's the same thing... It's refreshing to hear that they've been where you are, they struggle too and they want a bottle of wine just the same as you do, but sticking with it really works, and the buzz you get at class will bring you back next week! The other members were full of ideas and taking about their successes and downfalls and that's what keeps me going to my meetings here... if you're ever in Boston just head to a meeting I promise it will make your day! and to my new Boston WW friends... I'll see you next year ladies! 

Go follow Dani on her blog called Weight Off My Shoulders ... 

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  1. We loved having you visit us in Boston. It's nice to know that we all have similar struggles and that Weight Watchers is there to help, whether we're at home or traveling.

    1. It was such a great group of people! Definitely be back! xxx

  2. Wow, amazing experience for these people!

  3. Thanks for a great article. As a fellow US road trip addict, I have NEVER lost weight during one so I am in awe of you for this achievement! On a slightly separate note, I'm just back from 2 weeks all inclusive in Mexico (8lbs gain) and thought of you every time I had Eggs Benedict (often!) when they all passed the Skinny Doll test for egg perfection!
    Janis x

    1. Lol I'm glad we have eggtastic standards! I've gained on other holidays but for some reason the U.S. Is kind to me!! Mexico!? So jealous xxx you'll have that gain gone in no time!


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