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Knorr Rich & Hearty soup range...

Soup time is here! Yay and Boo! Yay because I'm a big soup fan... it's a great way to get nutritional meals that will make you feel full all day... Whilst it's quick and easy to make your own, not everyone has the time or the inclination to make soup from scratch... This new range from Knorr called 'Rich & Hearty' is currently on special for €2 in Supervalu... These pouches are 1 portion at 390g each... Anyone tried then yet?! Let me know what you think!

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Wild mushroom soup - 3PP

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Country vegetable with pasta soup - 4PP

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Cream of Chicken soup - 4PP

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Spicy tomato soup - 5PP

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Potato, leek & bacon soup - 6PP

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Classic beef & potato soup - 7PP

Knorr Rich & Healthy - Lentil & bacon soup - 8PP

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