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A funny thing happened on the way to the office...

I was sent for the coffee run and whilst standing in the queue in Starbucks I spotted the word 'Slimbo' ... 'Ooooh' says I... 'that might be a good option for lunch if I get stuck.. I wonder how many ProPoints are in that??' I mumbled ... so whilst waiting for the Mocha/latte/skinny 'NO SUGAR'/'will-you-get-me-a-bar-of-chocolate?' list to be filled... I snapped all the sandwiches that were there and pointed them back at my desk... BRACE yourselves... 

Ham & Cheese Slimbo - 7PP (SEVEN!)
It's tiny... two mouthfuls at best... well maybe my mouthfuls but still!

Smoked Salmon and Rocket Slimbo - 6PP

Ham Salad Bap - 11PP
ELEVEN and look at the size of it in my hand!!! 

Veggie Good Houmous wrap - 10PP

BBQ pulled pork tortilla - 13PP

Sweet Chilli Chicken Ciabatta - 11PP

Ham and Cheese Please - 14PP 

Goats cheese and moroccan styled veg tasca - 12PP

Smoked cheddar and spinach tasca - 13PP

Ham sambo - 8PP

Sure as eggs is eggs - 11PP ELEVEN!!! 

I'll stop shouting now... seriously though, there are many days when I would have happily picked one up and thought 'I'm not doing much harm with a 'slimbo'!' 

One thing to note, there's no fibre posted on their packaging... I have contacted them and am waiting for a reply but till then... be careful out there!! 


  1. Look at the fecking price of them too!!

    1. I know right! Cheaper to buy a lunchbox and do a weekly shop! x

  2. This is sickening, I'd often pick up something like that (not the ciabatta or anything, much as it would tempt me) but I'd assume that wholemeal bread with ham or salad would be okay. Lesson learned!!!!!!

    1. Oh I was SO close to picking up the limbo thinking it'd be fine! Even the egg one tricked me cause its SO small! but its the butter/cheese/ coleslaw and full fat mayo that does it I think .. still... no Starbucks for me! x


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