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Choc Shot!

Chocolate in shots... not those kinda shots but I will be experimenting with this stuff and alcohol too! Choc shot is something you've probably all heard about and seen online... I've been using it for a while now in various ways... and I love the stuff... even as a savoury kinda gal this stuff gives you the choc hit for zero PP! ZERO! I know! 

AND... it's GM, dairy and gluten free, as well as Veggie and Vegan friendly! PLUS it's low GI... winning! 

What with winter coming soon, lots of people ask me 'how can I make porridge more bearable?' Porridge is a love it or hate it kinda thing, but a bowl in the morning really will stave off hunger and cravings so it's a really good staple for me... some people love it just as it is... others add stewed fruit, banana, cinnamon, honey all kinds of things, but if you love chocolate... you need this bad boy! You literally only need a few drops of it, depending on how big of a chocoholic you are, but it give porridge that sweet choccie kick that's yum! It's so comforting and its exactly what you'll need on the dark winter mornings ahead of us...

This  stuff can be used is SO many ways... add a dash to warm milk and you've a fat free chocolate with no powdery lumps going on... If chocolate orange is your thing you can add a bit to your toast and marmalade... Its perfect to add to the Zero PP ice cream >>> HERE <<< to give you chocolate ice-cream for zero.. you heard me... ZERO ProPoints!

Drizzle it over meringues and yoghurt, or make a coffee into a mocha for 0PP... a few drops on a pancake... it's a winner for all the sweet teeth out there... and with Halloween on the horizon we'll need to keep our eye on the ball with the chocolate goodies incoming, this is just the thing to have into cupboard to get your 'fix'! I mean the Christmas tins of roses are out already!

5PP and yes I have a lego fork! 

You can buy Choc Shot in Holland & Barrett, most of the Supervalus, and if it's not in yours ask, the managers are only too happy to help! I almost have sympathy for the manager in Churchtown at this stage, and before the autumn is out it'll be in Dunnes too! 

For my Irish readers.. here's a list of stores they are currently in... 

and you can check out more recipes online >>> HERE <<< 


  1. Ooo sounds yummy gonna buy one tomorrow! Love your blogs and cool lego fork :p

    1. give it a go... but use a small bit to start, then up it to your taste! x


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