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The lunchbox has landed!

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.
Orson Welles

I know people always blab on about breakfast being the most important meal of the day and it is.. it starts you metabolism... if you eat the right kind, it can get you through to lunch without the munchies... but skipping lunch .. isn't really a good idea either.. and its all too easy when you're heading out for dinner later to think that saving those lunchtime points is going to help! Here's seven really good reasons why you shouldn't skip lunch!

1 • You'll eat fewer snacks..
You know EXACTLY what I mean.. 'sure I didn't have any lunch.. I'll STARVE! AND this is only 2pp + 4pp + 1pp' etc etc.. Eating lunch at your desk at your screen means you'll eat twice as many snacks if you took a break away from it... Your brain doesn't register what you've eaten when your mind is on something else! Usually if you've got the right change its the vending machine!

 You're body will be happier!
Sitting down all day and you'll burn 350 calories or less than you're working pals who get up and move about! Research has shown too that women who sit a lot have higher levels of insulin .. leading to type two diabetes.. so GET UP!

 You'll be happier!
Getting out for even 15 mins for a walk will top up your vit D and you need more of that with the winter coming, more Vit D means more serotonin and that's what beats the winter blues!

 Your back will thank you!
Physio's most popular clients aren't the sporting hero's with dodgy Achilles tendons that we all think... its the desk bound workers! Your body isn't designed to sit in one position for a long time...  Sitting for too long compresses your spinal discs ...

Tangent... I'm a victim of this! My back suffers from either sitting on my bottom looking at a screen for hours.. or pretending I'm superwoman and lifting stuff that's WAY too heavy! My chiropractor also told me the lump I found in my bum, cue dramatic music, was in fact my hip bone.. I can feel bones now! Chuffed I was... much to his eye rolling... ahem.. carry on...

...  and every time you get up.. you relieve that pressure! A lil lunchtime stroll will stretch them out again! Don't even get me started on your eyes!

5 - You'll actually get more done!
The day you're too busy is actually the day you need to take a break! The longer you work.. the less productive you become... you're mood, motivation and concentration will improve with just 10 mins walking about...

 You'll be nicer to live with!
Having a good old bitch and gossip with a colleague pacing around the car park at lunch time is essential! Worst thing you can do it sit at your desk.. bottle it up and take it home with you! Your family love you... not all the drama from work!

 You'll improve your digestion!
The faster you eat, the larger the bites of food in your stomach, the more likely you are to suffer from indigestion and acid reflux! You'll also gulp air down and you won't be pretty to sit beside later on! Chew your lunch properly... and we all know it takes 20 mins for the brain to catch up with out tummies! 

So no more skipping lunch... you're entitled to a break.. so take it.. and use it wisely!

I can't even begin to tell you all how much I want that Lego lunch box! LOL 

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