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Ready.... steady.. Couscous!


  1. A type of North African semolina made from crushed durum wheat.
  2. A spicy dish made by steaming or soaking such granules and adding meat, vegetables, or fruit.

Couscous - the food's so nice they named it twice.
Dale Denton - Pineapple Express

So a few enquiries lately about couscous and how to point it, cook it etc .. so here goes ...

For dry couscous, the 10g = 1PP rule applies like rice, pasta and noodles. 

So 60g = 6PP is 100% correct... (60g is LOADS!) 
 I tend to use 40g for 4 pp

Couscous like rice absorbs water on cooking, so it increases in weight, the points do not change though. So 75g of cooked couscous might only be 25g dry.

Dry pointing is 100% accurate, pointing cooked isn't because the longer you cook them for then the more water they absorb, if that makes sense...

Now how to... This is one of the easiest things to make... especially for those emergency dinners... All you just need boiled water mixed with half a stock cube (I use chicken or veg but mix it up for variety) and pour over the couscous in a bowl. Make sure you use enough water to cover the couscous then cover, I use a plate, for a few mins until all the water is absorbed, then just fluff it up with a fork. As Gordon Ramsay says.. DONE!

You will need to seriously season it, its very bland... I usually use chilli flakes, herbs or garlic but its all down to personal taste... Couscous is great for stuffed pepper recipes too or mushrooms or even cold in a in a salad... 

ALDI do a 'lemon & corriander' couscous and is only 5pp for half the pack when made up!! Its lovely hot with chicken or fish!!

The flavoured packs available are handy as cupboard basics... the sundried garlic one from Ainsley Harriott is really yummy!

Ainsley Harriott Sundried tomato and garlic couscous = 5 pp per half pack

Ainsley Harriott Roasted vegetable couscous = 5 pp per half pack

Ainsley Harriott Lemon, mint & parsley couscous = 5 pp per half pack

Merchant Gourmet Polenta - 5 pp per 50g serving

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  1. I just add pureed dried tomatoes in olive oil and it's absolutely delicious. Couscous semolina is really a wonderful ingredient!


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