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Boys Boys Boys!

a little mini rant today.. (NO eye rolling or sighing!!!) 

Too many times I hear.. 'but its SO much easier for men to lose weight!' .. well ladies of the sweeping statement kind, its not you know.. they follow the same programme as us women folk.. they're surrounded by the same temptations and if anything they have less of a support system cause they can't drunkenly spout out in the chipper after 10 pints.. 'I can't have chips I'm doing weight watchers', cause their pals will just have enough ammunition to last a lifetime ... men make the decisions to do it and, in my opinion, most of them don't attach emotions to food as much as we do! But some of them do!!!

We love our gossiping.. our brunches.. our 'he's such a muppet.. *have another biscuit*' tea breaks.. Our lovely hormones allow us to eat Ben & Jerrys JUST BECAUSE OKAY!!!! We cook and feed the young, old, sad and happy! Emotions are attached to food for women since the cave.. Sure hasn't the entire cupcake industry been established for us! I only met up with some friends on Friday I hadn't seen due to 'AWKWARD' circumstances and they brought ice cream! Wimmin!

yes... there is the old 'Venus V Mars' malarky.. but to be honest, its really more Venus V soup! We're THAT different sometimes! But the boys do struggle just as much as us gals do... There are boys in my family who can't pass the biscuit tin without looking inside.. or ask when they arrive for a visit.. 'Did you bake anything nice?' and others who can eat for Ireland and don't understand why we harp on about diets all the time..

Whilst the majority of hits/comments on here are from women... the amount of emails, DMs in twitter and messages on Facebook I get from lads asking all sorts of questions is unreal... and I love that they feel confident enough to ask me.. or let me know they're 'down a pound' or 'hit another stone' or 'they're following the challenge' and 'don't wanna comment but what are wall press ups?' or 'how many points in...?'

It kinda begs the real question.. why can't they ask on here?! 

Bravado? Egos? The fact that losing weight has always been seen as a women's club? The lads would have a field day? I'm happy to answer all questions, to all of you if I have the information... (a pint of Carlsberg is 6 pp btw...) if I don't know...  I'll definitely try to find it for you...  but ladies no more sweeping statements... perhaps a little leaf out of their book... they just do it.... as Nike says! 

New challenge in the making... time to focus!

Doll x

PS: In case you sang the title and you're of a similar vintage! A lil' flashback HERE

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  1. I think everyone (male or female) has a problem with coming clean about their weight but I do understand why men aren't as up-front about it. Men are full of bravado and as we have seen been highlighted time after time, men don't discuss things the same way women do.

    Weight Watchers still has a female-stamp on it in people's eyes but I can guarantee from being there (at Weight Watchers), the meetings aren't in any way one gender sided.

    So come on guys, maybe if we were all a bit more open about Weight Watchers (or what ever weight-loss regime you have subscribed to), we'd make things easier for ourselves


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